Why Nonprofits need to invest in Tech

Working in a Nonprofit can be tough. You always find yourself battling against limited time and resources. With high expectations, it can be easy to focus on a few things that have worked in the past and not on new opportunities. This can lead to attention only being given to the same initiatives again and again.

The problem is that technology keeps moving forward, creating new opportunities and more effective ways of reaching a finite donor pool. Unlike people, technology solutions are scalable and can be automated, this allows a small team the potential to make a big impact.

Your Nonprofit website can no longer just be ‘good enough’

Every Nonprofit has a website. It is now seen as a key piece of the fundraising puzzle. Essentially you must have one. This has created a situation where it is no longer acceptable to have a mediocre website that is not optimized for user experience, content, engagement, fundraising, and a variety of other criteria. If you fail on any of these points, potential donors will be frustrated, give less and less often.

Your website is often your first point of contact with donors and the place through which people learn about, engage with, and support your cause. It is important to treat your website not as a box to tick but as an opportunity to digitally share your cause and everything it means direct to your audience.

Although designing or revamping your website can be a daunting task there is a better solution. Indiez brings the experience of completing over 200 projects with the likes of McKinsey and Uber among the organizations that we have helped find and manage a digital team.

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The importance of Technology for scaling your fundraising

Websites are not the only piece of the technology puzzle and it is embracing different elements that can give one cause the advantage in reaching donors in a scalable and effective way. This is an approach that allows your Nonprofit to drive donations 24/7 and from anywhere in the world.

One of the many things to look at is productivity tools. There is a staggering array of tools available many of them free or offer low-cost packages. They can help all aspects our the fundraising process from prospecting to increasing conversions of those who have interacted with your Nonprofit at some point.

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Understanding insights to increase your Nonprofit’s fundraising efforts

Data analytics has become crucial for understanding the behaviors of donors  If you have many different initiatives running at once it is critical to be able to understand the data to help increase and maximize the work that you are doing.

Data can help reveal things that would be impossible to learn otherwise. Ever wondered what day and time donors are most likely to be in a charitable mood? Or maybe if the donation form on your website has one section that makes people stop without giving? Analytics is the key to answering these questions.

The power of Social Media for Nonprofits

Social media has become an integral part of our everyday lives. We use some sort of social media to record, improve or connect almost every aspect of our lives. How people donate is also becoming more and more related to social media.

Have you seen the new trend where people nominate a cause on their birthday for their friends to donate to? Or how many causes like ALS have benefited from the viral power of social media. Having an effective social media strategy and understanding how people use each platform has become more important.

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Taking the first step to building tech that helps grow your fundraising potential can be a scary task. Who can provide you with the service that you need? What experience do they have? How can you manage them correctly? Indiez has the experience of working with world-class organizations, connecting them with the right team for their tech project and managing that team from start to finish. Get in touch today for a free consultation.  

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