What customers love about us

Our clients have previously faced challenges in building quality products and were losing the race to better technology. At Indiez, we’re re-imagining the way software is built. We combine state-of-the-art machine learning with an elite community of designers, engineers and product managers.

Industry Experts

With Indiez you’ll work with product leaders who’ll help you build it right! A few hours spent with the right expert can generate millions in revenue and save unnecessary costs. You’ll enjoy working with our community of CXOs, Directors, VPs of multi-million dollar product companies without having to hire them full-time.

"Suvonil’s experience with Flipkart was really helpful. He pointed the obvious mistakes that we were doing which helped us build a very sleek mobile application."

CMO, Domino’s

Start immediately

The time to ramp up teams is a huge opportunity cost. Hence we’ve reduced the ramp-up from months/weeks to days. We’ve prebuilt templates and workflows on all the standard software development and management tools which enables us to hit the ground running with a few clicks.

"We had a big demo coming up and were looking for a software partner who can deliver a prototype in less than 2 weeks. It was amazingly surprising to see Indiez pulling up a team in a few hours which started delivering results in no-time."

Chief of Data Science, ABFL


When working with a software partner, reliability is of prime concern. We use patent-pending machine learning models to predict risks and mitigate them. Our technology coupled with the best talent helps us build on time without compromising on quality.

"Indiez has been able to perform beyond my expectations, which is usually hard to do :D. Their product manager is a delight to work with."

Rahul Yadav, CDO Anarock

IP Protection

We understand how critical your data and IP is to your business. You keep complete ownership of the software we build for you!.

"I was really worried about the IP before starting with Indiez. But when they presented the server side infrastructure built on the tools, I was really impressed."

Sebastian, Chefstalk

Comparing us with others?

Here's how we are different:

IndiezRecruitmentIT ServicesFreelancing Platform
Time to start1 Week1-4 Months2-3 Weeks1-2 Months
Recruiting Fee0$40K00
CostVery cost efficientCostlyVery costly for this qualityCheap
Guaranteed quality workYesNoNoNo
Failure RatesLowHighVery HighVery High
Termination CostsLowHighHighLow