Introducing Indiez Partners
Indiez Partners are esteemed individuals who work with us to spread our mission to the masses. They meet with business stakeholders and recommend Indiez to help these leaders solve their digital problems. Our partners are amazing networkers who carry the Indiez brand forward and make it accessible to those who have the greatest need for our services.
Why become a partner?
Once you learn what makes us different, you'll realize it's an easy sell — and an easy paycheck. Here are a few reasons it pays to become an Indiez evangelist.
We know what's right
We know what's right
Today's digital market is extremely cluttered. We know what the world's best talent looks like, and that's exactly what our clients receive.
We know how to manage techies
We know how to manage techies
The best techies are a unique bunch. We manage these skilled workers from the beginning of the project until the end, ensuring the highest quality and meeting timelines.
We know it's risky out there
We know it's risky out there
There's an extremely low risk of project failure or dissatisfaction with our solution, thanks to our quality standards, digital expertise, and years of experience.
How does the program work?
It's as easy as tapping into your own network.
The Selection Process
Sometimes we spot someone we know would make an excellent partner and reach out on our own. Other times exceptional individuals apply to join. Either way, we're extremely selective, and only accept the most stellar of candidates.
You Source Deals
Whether you're sourcing, selling, or managing, you can tap into your own network to secure deals for Indiez, with a unique pay stucture for each type of partnership.
You Get Paid
Whenever we get paid by the referred client, you get paid as well. And since quality is guaranteed, it's a perfect ending for everyone involved.
Our Partners
Jake Friedberg
Jake Friedberg
Gaithersburg, Maryland
Jake is currently a consulting engineer with Cisco who has previously launched and run several businesses and tech products in the software and telecom industries. He is a graduate of Quinnipiac University, and is actively involved in his community.
Alex Saidani
Alex Saidani
San Francisco, US
A developer by trade and an entrepreneur at heart, Alex has built applications for companies that have gone on to raise significant venture capital funding. He is the Founding Partner at Xcelchain, and also serves as the Managing Director at Appily.
Ayida Al.Riyami
Ayida Al.Riyami
United Arab Emirates
Ayida is a successful entrepreneur with years of experience in brand engagement, creative strategy, and marketing communications. She's currently the Manager Partner and Brand Strategist at RR. Creative & Strategic Consultancy in the UAE.
What do you mean by Sourcing and Selling?


If you know of a business looking for a digital solution and you connect them with us, this is Sourcing. This also requires qualifying the lead for a budget of >$10K, showing there's an immediate need, and that the project is a strong fit for Indiez. Heads up: Having knowledge of an organization that needs digital support and then giving us a generic email ID doesn't count as sourcing.


In order to qualify for a Selling partnership, you must:

• Actively facilitate a meeting or call with a client, and be the key to closing the deal.

• Help gather equipment, brainstorm the solution, then present a quote.

• Help build the proposal then propose the solution.

• Speak to client on behalf of Indiez and actively close the deal.

• Help shorten the sales cycle by ushering the buyer through it.

What are the commission percentages?

For a deal less than $100K, the commission structure is as follows:

Sourcing: 3%

Selling: 5%

Managing: 15%

As the deal amount rises, so do percentages for sourcing and selling partners.

Where are the partners located?

We are a global organization. As such, our partners are located anywhere there's internet connectivity.

What will I get?

Here's a quick breakdown of what you can expect to make as an Indiez Partner:

For deals <$100K, $100K-$200K, and >$200K, respectively.

Sourcing: $3,000, $8,000, $15,000

Selling: $5,000, $12,000, $25,000

Managing: $20,000, $40,000, Project Dependent

What's the time commitment?

For a deal less than $100K, you can expect to spend about 5 hours sourcing, or 10 hours selling. Generally, this time commitment doubles for Sourcing and Selling a project between $100K and $200K, and doubles again for projects over $200K.

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