Our Delivery Process
After working on 200+ projects, we've figured out the formula to build a successful product. Here's our 6-stage product development process, derived from high-growth companies like Google, Facebook, Uber, and Spotify, yet made distinctly Indiez.
The First Date
We want to get to know you. Like really know you. Tell us all about your business or idea, what stage your company is in, and anything else your heart moves you to say. We're here to listen, cause the better we get to know your business, the better we can help it grow.
The Second Date
After listening to you, we’ll provide a number of tech solutions we think would work best for your situation, and explain why we think they're the best options for your business. We’re only here to help, and there’s no commitment whatsoever. It’s only the second date after all.
Meet Our Friends
Things are going pretty well, wouldn’t you say? At this point, we’d like to bring your idea to our friends, and this is where the magic happens: We'll tap into our global network of agencies and freelancers to assemble a team that's tailored to your project. We'll build the team based on expertise, background, location, and dozens of other factors. No more trying to find the right agency all on your own.
Relationship Goals
Things are getting pretty serious. At this point, we’ll kick the relationship into high gear, and monitor the project's development to make sure the team hits quality standards and on-time delivery. We'll provide regular updates to you, and address any concerns or questions you may have along the way.
Built to Last
This is special, and we want it to last. We’ll take on any product maintenance once the project is finished, because your happiness is our happiness. We're looking for a long-term relationship, and will always be there to help with anything our teams have built for you.
A Beautiful Future
We’re here to support you! In addition to building and maintaining your tech solution, we'll offer our expertise on how to use your new technology to grow your business, raise capital, and more. It’s just what you do in a perfect partnership.
How do I know my idea is secure?

Your data and intellectual property are absolutely critical to your business. We know this, because ours is critical to our own business. Your idea will stay strictly between you, your digital expert, and the development team. Once it's complete, you own all the IP to the product, as well as the software itself.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the product and what’s required to complete it. You tell us your budget, and we’ll find the best available teams within that range.

How long does it take?

Billing starts on the date that you begin the Monthly Plan and recurs on the same day each month. If you upgrade from a Pay As You Go Plan, any remaining credits will be converted to MonkeyRewards and will be applied to your monthly bill.

We use the highest number of active list subscribers over the past billing cycle to calculate your monthly charge. As your list grows and shrinks over time, we'll automatically adjust your bill.

What happens after you develop the product?

We like to build long-term relationships with our clients, and will continue to work on the app for further enhancements and bug resolutions. We can assign a dedicated team for you and can scale the team as you scale.

How do you manage the project?

We like to use Agile methodology for project management, but are flexible and can adjust depending on the project and your needs.

How do I know the quality of the teams?

We are super strict about the kind of people we work with. Hence, you should be assured that we have worked hard to find the team most relevant for you.

What if I don’t like the Digital Expert?

If you’re unhappy with your digital expert for any reason, drop us a line and let us know why, and we'll replace them with someone else ASAP.

Who is accountable?

Project Managers have the full responsibility for the project. If you think the project is going in the wrong direction, please inform them right away and they’ll take the necessary steps to course correct.

How busy are your PMs?

PMs on our platform never do more than 3 projects at a time.

How qualified are your digital experts?

They have been CEOs and CTOs, and have led plenty of product teams before.

How does the communication work?

It’s totally up to you. We like to be transparent, hence, you can decide if you want to speak daily, weekly, or with any other frequency that suits you. We’ve found weekly calls typically work best.

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