Why join Indiez
Never stop learning, never get bored. With Indiez, you'll work on exciting design and development projects for companies doing good in the world.
Projects from around the world
Projects from around the world
Stop spending your time finding, nurturing, closing, and onboarding clients, and let Indiez do it all for you. With our network of global clients, you'll get to focus on what you do best.
More Revenue
More Revenue
A project's pay without the time or energy spent on the sale or managing the client — it's a pretty sweet deal. Get in touch to find out more about what you could be earning through a partnership with Indiez.
Help others achieve their dreams
Help others achieve their dreams
You'll get to work for entrepreneurs and business owners who have big dreams of changing the world. By helping them, you're doing your part to change the world, too.
How can you join?
You've got the skills, we've got the projects. Let's get together.
The selection process
We're constantly on the lookout for the world's best talent, so you may hear from us asking you to apply. Otherwise, agencies are free to inquire about an application. The process covers more than 120 criteria in the initial assessment.
The Follow-Up
After the initial assessment, we'll look deeper into your agency's past performance and success. This includes multiple calls, code reviews, and site visits. After this, we'll also conduct a team interview, to ensure your agency and talent are a good fit for Indiez.
Reference Check
Lastly, we'll check your references. We're looking for the top 1% of the world's designers and developers, and the best way to find them is to check with previous clients.
Start Getting Work
After these steps, we'll start passing exciting, challenging projects your way, with payday only shortly behind.
We're new to the freelancing/contracting model. What value does Indiez bring?

We'll give you a qualified client ready to work with you, with no sales or marketing needed on your part. You'll also Interact with a product manager who fully understands what goes into building a digital product, and who will completely manage the client. Moreover, all our projects are of the highest quality, and we seek partnership that make a positive impact on the world.

How do you allocate projects among agencies you work with?

We have a priority list that we check off when distributing projects to agencies. We do not use a bidding process. The list is as follows:

1. Your agencies niche expertise and how relevant your experience is with the Statement of Work.

2. Your past experience working with Indiez.

3. The project's budget.

What is your average project size?

That depends. It could be a design or development project, a short MVP product, or a year-long complete engagement. Given these projects, the budgets range from $25K to $200K.

What’s the big idea behind building this partner network?

We're building a community where people can exchange ideas, share knowledge, and share resources. We want to enable agencies to share their learning seamlessly and grow together. We're also planning an Indiez Agency Conference for 2019.

Are we allowed to showcase the project we worked on?

That depends on the contract with the client. If the client has asked us to sign an NDA, then neither Indiez nor you can show the work. If the client allows us to showcase the project in our own portfolio, we'll extend this to you as well, and only ask for a "with/via Indiez" acknowledgment somewhere in the content.

Will you showcase our name in the respective project in your online portfolio?

We will soon, but not yet.

However, if a client likes any of your products from our portfolio, we know you created it, and will relay that information.

Who owns the contract?

Indiez owns the contract.

Do what you do best, and leave the sales to us.
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