Our most frequently asked questions for you to explore 🙂

  • Why did you start Indiez?

    We started Indiez with the belief that the current state of working, is nothing but boring and inefficient. Indiez was born with a goal to allow talent from across the globe work with freedom and fulfilment – where they choose what they want to work on, where they want to work from and when they want to work at it. It's a movement to revolutionize working and in the process we're building the Future of Work!

  • What does Indiez mean?

    "The word "Indiez" is derived from the word 'indie' (think indie artists) and symbolises 'independence'. The 'z' stands for the extra 'zing' that our goal-driven community of professionals bring to their work!

  • How are you so affordable?

    We've created a unique model! Our community works remotely and engages with us on a project basis. This helps us eliminate unnecessary overheads. Most development shops spend most of their project revenue on sales and operations. We've created an in-house platform that leverages technology to eliminate management overheads so that organizations pay only for the 'top talent'. nothing else!

  • Do you really 'guarantee' quality?

    Any commitment made by us to you on delivery of any item at a said price, will be delivered under any circumstances. Our goal-driven community is 100% committed!

  • How are you different from a Dev Shop?

    Development shops are lifestyle businesses that thrive on huge margins and are limited only to their employees. The developers earn only about 10-20% of the amount they are billed for. So essentially, you're paying more for their sales and operational costs. Indiez is a community of professionals that work on a project basis. Our expansive network allows us to deliver better, faster and cheaper solutions, and at the same time, ensure quality. Indiez focuses on customer satisfaction and growth more than hefty margins.

  • What does Indiez do?

    We design and develop delightful websites, apps and any custom software/technology through our invite-only community of top software professionals. We only work with the world's best developers, designers and product managers with experiences at Uber, Facebook, Google and more. Our unique AI powered technology connects projects to the right members from our community. With the best in class processes and proprietary technologies, we manage our team to ensure guaranteed delightful delivery of quality products.

  • Can I speak to your developers?

    We encourage our customers to simply get in touch with the product manager for seamless and effective end-to-end communication.

  • Can I see your past work?

    We're very proud of the work we've done so far. Although some of our work is protected by strict NDAs, you can see a few our projects here: Indiez Case Studies.

  • How did you build the Indiez community?

    We don't just focus on quality projects for our community, but also offer great perks and culture. This brings in new members to Indiez almost every day. Since A+ people tend to know A+ people, we get connected only to the best and have been able to expand our community globally. There's a mix of full-time Indie members, moonlighters and startup founders who have been an active part of our growth.

  • What experience do your community members have?

    We have professionals with varied experiences. Our members have worked across different domains including Fintech, eCommerce, Entertainment, Security, AI, Drones, loT, AR, VR, Blockchain and others. Our members also have a vast experience in managing huge and distributed teams, ensuring efficiency and quality at every stage.

  • What is your selection process?

    We have a very stringent selection process. All the applications are thoroughly reviewed by our community team and only the best ones pass through to a coding/design assignment. Applicants who ace the screen test, go through extensive video interviews where we test not just their technical skills but also their community cultural fit as we understand their work ethics, remote experience and scrum experience. Those who pass the entire process, are first put into a probation period with a mini project that is closely monitored. It is only after they ace that, are they become a full time member of the community – eligible for complete projects.

  • Where is your community located?

    Our members are spread across 5 continents and are present in 30+ countries. We're a truly global community of only the best talent.

  • Do moonlighters not have work from their offices

    Of course, they do- but its not enough to fulfil their immense potential! These hugely talented professions are passionate, goal-driven and yearning to change the world! We've crafted top-in-industry processes and workflows that allow them to make the most of their time for Indiez. In addition, we stringently ensure that they only pick up work that they have time for!

  • Who are the product managers?

    Our Product managers are product enthusiasts, product hunters, designers, developers and startup founders. They are well experienced with shipping great products, managing huge teams and are pro at managing remote teams.

  • Who are the designers?

    Our designers have built globally acknowledged products like Airbnb, Uber, Microsoft Outlook and many more. They have received formal education in design from top tier institutes and have spoken at global design conferences. There's a mix of full time indie members, moonlighters and start-up founders.

  • Who are the developers?

    We have developers who have worked with best tech organizations on this planet like that of FB, Google, Microsoft, Uber and many more. They have attended top-tier institutes and have won international olympiads. There's a mix of full time indie members, moonlighters and start-up founders.

  • How good are your people?

    Simply put, THE BEST! We go to great lengths to find the best developers, designers and product managers. The lifestyle our community offers to the top talent, helps us recruit only the best in the industry. Our members come from top colleges and have worked with the best tech organizations across the world.

  • What skills do the Indiez have?

    Indiez developers have worked on a large number of technologies including Node, React, Ruby on Rails, Python, C, C++, C#, Haskell, Golang, Scala, PHP, iOS, Android – you name it, they've done it. In terms of our expertise, our members are experts in machine learning, AR, VR, NFCs, loT, Blockchain, Mobile Apps, Web and more. Yes, we have a talented community that we're proud of!

  • How will my project start?

    As soon as you submit your project requirements, we'll give you a quick quote. If you're comfortable with the cost, we'll send across a contract and a link to make the first payout. Once this is complete, your dedicated Product Manager will schedule a kickoff call with you and guide you towards the next steps. Trust us, it is as simple as it sounds!

  • Why should I not build a product in-house?

    Depending on what stage your product is on, there are multiple reasons to outsource. Some of them being: You don't have the relevant technological background, Hiring is a long and cumbersome (and inefficient) process, You want to validate your concept before deeper investments, You want a pocket friendly way to ship a prototype, to build a team or to raise funds, It is cheaper than hiring in-house developers and designers.

  • Can you sign my contract and NDA instead?

    Unfortunately, no! We work with a lot of customers and it becomes impossible to review and sign all the NDAs or contracts. But we assure you that the NDA provided by us digitally is standard and fair to both the sides.

  • Who exactly will work on my project?

    We're sorry, but this is something we can't answer right away. Once your project requirement comes in, we find the best suited match from our community accordingly. Our aim is to assemble the perfect team for your project and not commit a said professional until it officially starts.

  • What if I don't like the team?

    The Indiez community members are really good at what they do. We go to great lengths to find the perfect match for your project. However, in a highly unlikely scenario where you're unhappy with a member, you can simply raise a flag. If we feel the reason is valid, we will look for a replacement right away. But the same is not guaranteed in all scenarios!

  • Can I change my requirements later on?

    We urge our clients to be sure of the product direction before a project starts, but are happy to make changes on the go. This might shift the timelines of your project slightly and add to the overall completion cost.

  • Can I put in my guidelines and processes for you to manage?

    We've put in a lot of time to device processes and workflows that suit our community the best. Because managing a remote team can get tedious, you can leave the management to us! Our product managers will make sure the end product is of highest quality and everything progresses as per timelines. But if you do have guidelines that are better optimized for performance in development, we'll definitely consider putting them in.

  • Can I put in my processes and guidelines for you to code and manage?

    We've out in great amount of efforts to devise a process that works best for our community. It is quite different to manage a remote team; hence you can be assured of leaving the management to us! Our product managers are pro at this. For coding, definitely we can use your guidelines to code. However, there might be extra charges.

  • What happens when my project ends?

    Once your project is completed, we conduct a final pass to ensure that everything is polished and of the highest quality. All the completed deliverables including designs and codes are handed over to you by your project manager. Just because a project is complete, it doesn't mean our relationship is over! We love the products that we build- we encourage you to reach out to us as you scale and if you need any more assistance in the future.

  • What if I need extra work or need an extra iteration?

    Just inform your project manager, so that he can initiate the change request for the same at a cost that is mutually decided between us. We don't want to chain your creativity!

  • How is my IP protected?

    We will sign an NDA with you before we start the project to assure you that your project is protected with us. Additionally, we only show a project's details to the members who will work on it. Our members are under an NDA with us!

  • What if Indiez goes out of business?

    Indiez has successfully worked for 100+ clients and delivered quality products. We're growing at a phenomenal pace and are venture funded by reputed investors. To be honest, it is highly unlikely (if not completely impossible) for Indiez to go out of business!

  • I'm not sure about what I want. Can I get some help?

    Of course! Our members include startup founders as well as experienced product designers and they would be more than happy to guide your idea. We've helped startups conceptualize their products and launch a quick MVP to understand their target market. But of course, this phase is a paid inception exercise.

  • What are management processes you follow?

    Each project is a holistic culmination of quality processes driving engineering, product and design. We use Scum/Agile methodologies to ensure that we always deliver high quality, in time. Best in class tools like Slack, Github, JIRA, Invision help us get work done! For more details- feel free to chat with us 🙂

  • Why do I need a Product Manager?

    An experienced product manager understands the language of business, design and technology- bringing all 3 together to build a delightful product. He/She will add immense value to your product and will setup interactive tech tools to ensure that you're looped in every step of the way! Additionally, a product manager is someone who knows how to manage a remote team and drive it to its fullest potential (and then some ;)). Hence in a remote, results-driven setup like ours, the PM is actually critical for the project's success.

  • Will you visit my office?

    Indiez is a remote community. While our talent is not available for physical meetings, our Founders can visit you if the occasion demands a physical meeting. That being said- we'd really recommend that you give Skype a chance for discussions. After all, it is the Future of Work!

  • I just don't need a project manager.

    To be able to work efficiently with our community, you will need a PM to keep the project on track and ensure timely delivery of the highest quality.

  • Can the project manager be available at fixed hours decided by me?

    This actually depends on the project manager and his availability. We don't impose any fixed timings on our members, as a part of the Indiez culture. However, if you can figure out a mutually agreeable time-slot with the PM, he/she can set up a workflow like this. We also set up periodic client review meetings where we take you through what we have achieved so far, resolve queries and share the plan ahead.

  • What if a member drops the project in the middle of the engagement?

    Although unlikely to happen, in such cases, we will deploy extra people from our large, talented community (that's always on stand-by) and do a knowledge transfer exercise with the outgoing team member. Our regular documentation helps us manage scenarios like these seamlessly. Also, we ensure nobody leaves the project midway – they ramp down while new folks ramp up.

  • How will I be updated on the progress of my project?

    Your project manager will be speaking with you regularly and setting up communication protocols. If you have a special request, you can always discuss the same with your PM. We use various tools online tools for seamless communication and to create effective feedback loops, ensuring everything is recorded for future references.

  • What tools do you use?

    We use a plethora of tools for management and regular communication. For instance, we use Slack for communication, Trello/Jira/Asana for Management, GitHub for development collaboration, Invision/Zeplin for design, Google Drive/Dropbox for file storage and transfer…the list is never-ending!

  • Can I pay later?

    Unfortunately no. All engagements at Indiez are prepaid.

  • How do the payments work?

    We'll send across an invoice for your project along with a payable link. You can use your credit card to make the payment. We accept VISA, Mastercard and AMEX. You can also do an ACH or a wire transfer and can consult our support team for any further assistance.

  • Do you work on equity?

    Sorry- we don't work on equity.

  • What are your hourly rates?

    Each project is different and has unique requirements- we price our projects based on the same. We do not have any fixed hourly rates. They vary as per the project's needs.

  • If I don't like the project quote, can I get another pricing?

    We're always optimizing the price for the right demand and supply. While it might drop for a project, chances are that it can go up too! In either of the cases, Indiez follows a transparent approach and will let you know of any changes in pricing beforehand.

  • How does the pricing work?

    We're on a mission to standardize the cost for project development. Our pricing varies based on a project's requirements, timelines and complexity.

  • Why do I need to pay in advance?

    Indiez relies on the trust and buy-in, from its community. We have built this trust by paying our members whenever they complete an assigned task with the required quality (determined mutually by Indiez and the client). Since most independent professionals come with a bad experience of clients not paying for the work, we at Indiez release payouts at every milestone completion. When Indiez receives a payment from you, our community is assured of timely payouts at milestone completion.

  • Isn't it difficult to work remotely?

    Remote working comes with its own benefits and challenges. Once you get a hang of it, it can give you the freedom you have been dreaming of and also offer a more productive work environment than an office desk. After all, some of the best brains thrive in a remote atmosphere with lesser distractions. Most of our community members are decorated professionals and are the best at what they do!

  • Any examples of companies that work remotely?

    GitHub, Basecamp, Atlassian, Mozilla, Zapier, WordPress, Buffer and 100s of others have remote teams and are super successful at what they do!

  • What is wrong with how we work today?

    Let's just say, it is boring and inefficient. With no freedom for creativity, we honestly doubt that this culture can grow and want to revolutionize it with result-driven remote working – disrupting the way work gets done today!

  • What do you mean by the Future of Work?

    The new, more fulfilling way to work, of course! Work which is liberating, not restricting you to a physical location, fixed timings or even getting stuck in traffic on the same roads every day! Not to forget, getting opportunities to work on global projects with rewarding payouts. We want to give talent from across the world, a lifestyle where they can choose what they work on, where they work from and what time of the day they work at. Liberating A+ talent from the current shackles and constraints, allows them to take complete pride in their craft and build truly delightful products with love- that's how we define the Future of Work.

  • What is Indiez?

    Indiez is a community of top product mangers, designers and developers! We believe in building amazing technology products while working from anywhere, any time. We call this- the Future of Work.

    Read more about us on TechCrunch

  • What kind of opportunities are available to Indiez community members?

    We have all kinds of opportunities! Part-time (20 hrs a week), Full-time (40 hrs a week). Websites, Web Apps, Native Mobile Apps, Hybrid Mobile Apps across technologies- so many diverse opportunities keep coming up!

    What's the one thing that's common across these opportunities? Well- they're ALL REMOTE ?

    Also one more commonality- they all pay really well! Standard community rates are usually between $30 to $100 per hour- the sky is the limit and it all depends on your profile ?

  • How do these opportunities come to the community?

    Well- Indiez has its roots in humble beginnings. We started in June 2016 with one small project and there's been no looking back since! Over 160 products later- here we are. We have a steady influx of organic inbound enquiries from word of mouth referrals. In addition we have a strong presence across various online channels and social media which further helps spread the word!

    Once we have an enquiry- the lead is connected with a community sales engineer who then scopes out the engagement and gets the agreement signed. Soon as that happens- the project is posted publicly to ALL Indiez community members and everyone is free to apply ?

  • How do I apply to an opportunity?

    Once you're inside the community- each opportunity is posted publicly to ALL Indiez community members and everyone is free to apply ?

    The PM takes in all the application- has a look at the Indiez profile for each applicant and then talks with his top choices. Post discussions around scope, timelines and payout he chooses his team for the project!

  • How is Indiez different from other freelancing platforms?

    At Indiez, we believe that the best people are always striving to create an impact in the world. They deserve the best work experience. And hence, we want to create the world's best work experience for folks like you!

    We set up a full stack of tools and resources for you so that you can focus on solving complex problems and delivering amazing results.

    Project Managers from Indiez engage proactively with our clients to help manage the product delivery. Also- you work in teams that have members drawn from the Indiez community itself!

    In addition- our internal product sits on top of Slack, JIRA, GitLab and helps supercharge Indiez PMs to deliver awesomely! This is unlike any marketplace since they don't manage the experience like we do!

    These entire best practices setup ensures that you're only doing what you're best at- solving complex problems ? In a nutshell- other platforms provide resources, Indiez builds amazing products! Read more about us on TechCrunch

  • How do you manage project delivery? What processes are you referring to?

    We're huge fans of Scrum and pride ourselves in getting it right. Scrum done badly can be a nightmare- whether it's standups that last for an hour or whether it's pushing story points at the cost of code quality- we abhor practices that go against the core principles of scrum! So we coach all teams at Indiez to follow the 4 scrum ceremonies- sprint planning, standups, client demos, retros. At the same time- we give each team the complete freedom to choose the frequency, timing and duration of standups and other ceremonies- that's the line between freedom and responsibility that we've identified so well here at Indiez.

    But that's just the scrum aspect- we've set up many internal tools that help speed up design and development activities while ensuring top-notch quality. One such example is SonarQube- it reduces time spent on code reviews, increases code quality and generally brings a smile to the entire dev team ?

  • What's the process to get accepted into the community?

    We only allow the best of the talent into the community- in fact it's senior community members who act as gatekeepers and decide who gets in and who doesn't. Post a screening of your application profile a few applicants are chosen for the interview rounds. There are multiple rounds of technical and culture-fit interviews, along with reference checks.

    Clear all of these- and you truly deserve to be an Indie!

  • I just cleared multiple gruelling rounds for another platform. I've proven that I'm good- will I have to endure the same struggle again?

    If you've already cleared all the rounds before and we subject you to the same process all over again- that wouldn't be very smart would it? Some special folks deserve an express interview process ?

    Normally applicants go through multiple technical rounds and culture fit rounds as well as reference checks. But for people who've already proven their mettle- there's just one interview for you (that will be mostly technical in nature but also involve some culture fit aspects).

    Clear that- and you're in the community- as simple as that ?

  • What are the rates in the community?

    All our engagements pay really well! Standard community rates are usually between $30 to $100 per hour- the sky is the limit and it all depends on your profile ?

    All payouts are priced in USD

  • How do I get paid?

    Projects in Indiez are broken down into milestones- each milestone has clearly defined deliverables and results. Each milestone is prepaid by the client to Indiez. Indiez keeps it in trust (like an escrow account) and the payouts are released to the team at the milestone completion ?

    And no- we don't discriminate basis where you come from or where you currently stay!

  • What payment forms do you support?

    For community members in the US- we use BillPay. For international community members- we use TransferWise to convert money into your local currency and directly deposit money into your local bank account.

    We have also used international wires and Payoneer in the past on special request.

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