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Domino’s Pizza

Improving user experience to reduce dropoffs and increase topline.

World’s biggest pizza chain transforming digitally.
The combined effort of discounted pricing, and the convenience of ordering online helped Domino’s surpass McDonald’s by 2X to establish market dominance in Asia. Digital has become their most critical channel and the organisation is going through a digital transformation culturally.
Today’s user has very high expectations

With the advent of new food tech startups like UberEATS, consumers now have access to all restaurants at the click of a few buttons, with discounts. Domino’s being a super brand, loved by many for its food and 30 minutes delivery is still able to grow its independent digital channel. However, the app experience remains inferior to the new age UX of current day apps and attracts a lot of criticism from fans on the App / Play Store.

You need the right people to build the right products

Domino’s had hired an accomplished founder and independent consultant, Rahul to guide them on 10Xing their digital products. Although he had a phenomenal grasp over digital in general, he lacked the food tech and e-commerce experience, and the design skill set to completely redo the Domino’s apps. He worked with the existing design and technology agencies for a while but realized that they all lacked the experience to build modern day products. That’s where Indiez came in.

“Let’s work with the best.”

After hearing about Indiez from fellow entrepreneurs and knowing the founders personally, Rahul decided to give a young startup their biggest enterprise break, and also introduce Domino’s to the world of startups. After coming to know about the quality of people in the community, he only wanted the best and that’s what he got.

A dream team with an accomplished Chief Designer Officer

A team with 1 Product Manager, 1 Design Director and 1 Product Designer was assembled to take on the challenge. The chosen Design Director, Suvonil had earlier led the mobile focussed re-design of the country’s largest $10 bn e-commerce company, and also advised one of the world’s leading restaurant & food discovery apps.

6 weeks

6 weeks

Designers and Product Manager

New way to build products!

Before we could even start working on the details, we faced a major roadblock of not being able to get access to the leadership team’s time whose role was critical. To ensure that the project didn’t lose momentum, we flew the PM and Design Director to their office and expedited the process.

Once all the inputs were gathered from all stakeholders, the design process started with defining the product note including list of features, design tenets, priorities and key metrics. Definition was followed by analyses of existing product funnel and compilation of industry knowledge, and once data was gathered from all sources, we delved deep into solving the major UX challenges. The project resulted in a product that was at par if not beyond the modern UX standards, and also helped solve key business problems such as customer support efficiency.

The right way to re-design products.

Arijit CMO, Domino’s
Measurable business impact

Domino’s team continues to implement the UX recommended by Indiez.

Changes implemented till date reduced drop-offs by 10% as users are being pushed through the funnel in a smooth fashion. This has already led to a topline growth of 1%.

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