How will we make you successful?

After working with 200+ startups we have kind of figured out the formula to build a successful product. Introducing our 6 stage product development process which is derived from high growth companies like Google, Facebook, Uber and Spotify.



First, do you really want to build an app?

Honestly, we don’t want to build something which we know that won’t be successful. Our quick hacks to test the ideas have been appreciated by thousands of startup founders. We have denied projects worth millions of dollars when we guided founders about how to start right.


Get Started

Understanding what you want

At what stage your product is at? You have the designs, but don’t have a development team? Or is it just an idea? Or you want us to innovate on something? Our customer success team will guide you with the best plan which is affordable for you and will increase the success chances.


Product Manager

Our product manager = Your success

Once we sign a contract, a product manager will be your point of contact. Our product program is built with the help of the world’s leading product managers. The PM will understand your preferences like the amount of visibility required, design standards. He/she will help you define your requirements better which is required for the best development experience.


Team Ramp-Up

On your marks. Get set. Go

Your PM will assemble the best-fit team in just a few hours using over 20 criteria like experience, time-zone, skills, availability, budget and more. Indiez’ pre-defined workflows around engineering, product and design enable the team to ramp up quickly as they gear up to hit the ground running.


Rapid Development

Introducing the best development process

Now it’s time for development! Our state of the art development process is being used by 100s of startups today. We incorporate multiple tools and automate team check-ins to craft especially for remote. Our methodology of the lean startup where we ship fast, test and incorporate the feedback is bound to make your product amazing.



We're with you forever.

We know that when you put your product into hands of users, you’ll have a ton of feature requests and changes. Addtionally, you’ll have to do multiple iteration to your product to incorporate growth experiments. You can hire a dedicated team who will keep working on the product. We can always scale the team when we want to!