Redesigning the user experience to increase conversions

Smart Platform for legal, accounting and compliance services
The founders from management consulting background had hustled to build Wazzeer in a quick and dirty fashion. As entrepreneurs, they had their own share of challenges when it came to legal, accounting and compliance matters which they wanted to solve through their product. They had taken an 'engineering approach' to build Wazzeer and launched operations with just a small set of trusted professionals. On getting the proof of concept, they started to build on it.
Growth slower than expected. Something is missing?

Their continuous efforts to evolve Wazzeer into one of the trusted destinations for a range of legal, accounting and compliance services had gotten them early signs of traction. But, sign-up conversions were low and the customer experience was broken.

Something is missing! We need to redesign the user experience

On studying user behaviour, they realized the need to redesign the product. They wanted the product to communicate how their entire experience for both the customers as well as the partners was simple yet transparent, professional and cost effective.

They were speaking with design agencies until their newly hired Product Manager recommended Indiez to them. At the end of our first call, they were convinced that we were the best choice for them to deliver the results they had in mind.

Getting started with the best design talent from across the globe

The project kickstarted with a duo of one Product Designer from India and one Graphics / Illustrations Designer from Poland. Initially, the client was worried about how the collaboration will take place with their development team while working on the new designs in parallel.

Leveraging our experience to ace remote work collaboration

To attend to the client’s apprehensions we chalked out a clear process for remote work collaboration. The project started with designing the lead funnel and the visual style guide and moved on to designing the product screens as per the sprints planned in collaboration with the development team.

7 weeks

7 weeks

A Product Manager, a Product Designer and a Graphic Designer

Using an iterative approach for the design process

At the end of every design sprint, a clickable image prototype was tested with existing users and relevant feedback was incorporated. The illustration explorations ran in parallel and were ready to be incorporated with development releases.

Implementing intention-focused UX design strategies with Indiez helped us scale beyond our expectations.

Chandan KumarFounder, Wazzeer
45 days to measurable business impact

The project concluded in 45 days and the re-designed product increased sign-ups by 90%. The designs were deeply appreciated by existing users. We continue to work with Wazzeer on iterating further and designing new features in collaboration with their development team. With over 1,000 successful transactions, 300+ customers - of which 75% have chosen to hire them on a regular basis - they continue to grow through the same product.

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