Helping a MBA graduate disrupt the education industry.

Helping a MBA graduate disrupt the education industry
Leo was a graduate of the Michigan Business school who empathised greatly with the education industry but knew he needed to lead a change and to best way to success was becoming rich in a tech startup. As soon as he graduated, he decided to work on his startup idea instead of going down the conventional route finding a job and potential unhappiness within his role.
Well, I don’t know anyone in tech!

Leo spent 6-8 months trying to find a tech co-founder but struggled when his peers also went to a business school. He was losing time and money and although some friends would help, no-one would join him full-time.

In the startup world, the more you delay in launching, the chances increase of someone taking advantage. Competition in his sector was rising on a daily basis.

So, I will try to do it myself!

Worried at the prospect of potential failure but with a solid business acumen, Leo started to build a hack product himself. He bought the domain and built a website on WIX. He was able to start a very basic chatbot on messenger.

It didn’t stop there, after learning, he used this to build more to his chatbot, started testing with real life users and loved how they were reacting to it. He knew he was onto something, he was receiving very genuine responses and realised he had to do more.

I’m liking your business model!

At a meetup in San Francisco, Leo crossed paths with Indiez CEO and founder Nitesh. After sharing some ideas and networking, Leo opened up about the difficulties that he was facing and Nitesh was more than happy to look into potential solutions via relevant technologies.

After briefly introducing Indiez, Leo was filled with excitement at the prospect of their business model. Seriously put out that it was possible to work with the highest quality online workers without having to hire them full-time and knowing they could start work in under 1 week!

“This looks unbelievable!’ Leo exclaimed before requesting examples of work and the pricing. After a one hour meeting in a Starbucks in Palo Alto, Leo knew that he had found the right business partner.

A solution by using a unique mix of technologies to keep the cost low and app robust

It did not take long for Indiez to delve into their community and pull out a team of architects who had successful experience with building forums and chatbots previously.

They found that this was going to be a complex product as they had to integrate a very established forum software with a chatbot. Further to this, the technology that was supposed to be used was React Native - a fairly new tech.

Indiez were somehow able to hack discourse and use this as a backend making it fairly easy to manage to chatbot. Students are now able to ask questions and they can be seen by other users if allowed. This builds a repository of questions which will be used to train the data for the AI engine…..Genius!

2 Months

2 Months

3 Developers, and Product Manager

Implementing….its up and down

There were some initial issues as discourse was running on a different server than it was meant to be. Additionally, Leo was so keen to sell the product that he ended up pitching to prospects when it was not even complete!

Indiez therefore needed to iterate on the product much faster than initially anticipated. One of the developers even had to make some changes at 3AM to ensure that Leo had a successful business meeting!

It all resulted in funding and growth.

Thanks to Indiez awesome team, Leo managed to pick up seed funding post the MVP. Proving his ability to deliver, Leo has now found that perfect co-founder to join him on the Connecpath journey.

Now they are in a position where they are scaling massively! New customers are joining at a rapid pace and they are now able to boast some amazing schools as their clients. Check out to see the true quality of Indiez results.

Software is rapidly changing everything.

Lead the change.