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A great team builds extraordinary products that move the needle on your critical business metrics. We’ll assemble and manage a great full-stack team of product managers, designers and engineers from our global curated community for you. Bank on their experience to meet your business goals in the least possible time.


Food Tech

How we reduced drop-offs by 10% and increased topline by 1% for Domino’s India with the right e-commerce and food tech experience.





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We understand your problems and propose solutions

Speak with a senior product manager from Indiez, share your requirements and brainstorm solutions. We’ll get back with a quote. Sign a contract with Indiez, make the first payout and sit back and relax as we quickly onboard you onto the project!

Team Ramp-Up

Indiez’ product manager assembles the team

We assemble the best-fit team in just a few hours using over 20 criteria like time-zone, skills, availability, budget and more. Indiez’ pre-defined workflows around engineering, product and design enable the team to ramp up quickly as they gear up to hit the ground running!

Full Visibility

See how your team is performing in real-time

An executive dashboard shows live, key metrics of your projects like open issues, bugs, team’s communication and much more. Deep-dive into specifics as the Product Manager regularly keeps you updated on the project progress.

Continuous improvement

Proactively ensuring quality and reliability

Our patent-pending machine learning algorithms catch upcoming risks before they happen and help us proactively mitigate them. Make early course corrections with an easy to understand health report. This avoids surprises and ensures that we’re always on time!


We understand your problems and propose solutions

We care deeply about our work and build our products with love! If there’s any bug in the work delivered by our community, we’ll fix it. Most of our clients continue to work with their team post product launch, to add or edit features as per the feedback.

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